Dance at Home Flash Mob (movie & music video mashup) - #StayHome and dance #WithMe #AtHome

Check out the video here

We hope you enjoyed the video! Even though we’re all stuck in our own homes right now, we wanted to create a way for people to feel more connected to each other. That’s why we cut together this mashup of awesome dance clips to make one choreographed dance that everyone can learn.

So join us and the rest of the world in a “virtual” flash mob on May 31st, 2020!

Once you’ve watched the video and learnt the dance, make a video of yourself doing it and share it on Facebook or Instagram. (We’d also love to see videos of you all practising it as well!)

Make sure you tag your videos with #danceathomeflashmob

REMEMBER: In a flash mob, not everyone needs to know the entire dance, so feel free to just “walk in” whenever you feel comfortable! And if you have more than one device at home, you can watch the video WHILE recording yourself dancing, so no need to learn it all off by heart. :)

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Thanks for watching and stay safe!!